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Early Learning’s New Champ: Ross Hunter

August 31, 2015


I applaud Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision to appoint my treasured friend and budget-writing colleague Rep. Ross Hunter as director of the Department of Early Learning.

Hunter, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, will resign his seat representing the 48th Legislative District to assume the new role.

There are few people in public life today with more resolve, ability and conviction to transform the lives of young children through high quality early learning programs.  Washington is leading this education revolution in large part because of Ross’ unrelenting work over the past decade to invest in real kids living real lives. Ross and Rep. Ruth Kagi have been at the forefront of educating fellow legislators and our state that highly targeted investments in early learning provide a financial and moral return on investment that is simply unmatched.  Now, after 13 years as a legislator, Ross will harness that passion for improving the lives of young children in the central hands-on management and leadership role in the executive branch.

In his service as a state representative, Ross has helped transform our approach to public education from early learning through K-12 and higher education, finance, budgeting, health care and much more.  He has been a premier thought leader on how to modernize our out-dated system of funding schools.  He will be missed as an indefatigable and respected member of the Legislature but his service to the seven million people of Washington continues without missing a beat.


Your partner in service,


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